I’m a graphic designer based in Margate, Kent, specialising in logo design & brand identity.


About me

I’ve been working as a graphic designer for over six years, experiencing the job in a design agency as well as a freelancer. With a focus on branding and identity design, I aim to help businesses create a brand that engages with their target market, builds trust and credibility, and communicates true brand values.

Outside of design, you’ll find me playing football for the mighty Monkton FC or shanking my way around a local golf course.

Areas of design

  • Logo design & brand identity

  • Website design & development

  • Advertising & Stationery

  • Print design/editorial/brochures

  • Digital design/app UI

  • Packaging design

  • Illustration


My Process

Graphic design and logo process diagram: brief, research, design, present, deliver

01. Brief

One of the most important steps in creating your brand identity is gathering information to build a design brief. Having a thorough understanding of your company and vision is vital to ensuring the project pans out the best way possible. We’ll discuss a variety of questions about your business, target audience, brand values, history and goals to help define the shape of the design process, which in turn will be hugely beneficial for the end result.

02. Research

After we’ve developed a direction for the project and established the goals we need to achieve, we’ll begin researching. This involves extensive research into existing competitors and how their brand impacts their performance, as well as gathering references to create a mood-board based on your design brief, including imagery, typography & colour, to form an overall feeling and impression that the identity needs to display.

03. Design

It’s then time to begin generating ideas and concepts. This is initially done through simple sketches to get as many different ideas down on paper as possible. Any ideas with potential can then be pursued and iterated upon, until we develop a few concepts that answer the design brief and solve the problems we found at the beginning of the project.

04. Present

After crafting various concepts, the best 3-4 will be organised into a presentation PDF file. The presentation file will be accompanied by an explanation behind the ideas I've presented to help give you an understanding of the work. At this point, we can discuss the positives and negatives of how the solution compares to the original design brief. A number of revisions may be sent back and forth to refine the best ideas, including type, colour & layout, to best represent the visual identity of your company.

05. Deliver

Once we've finalised the design, the files will be prepared in various formats and sizes. They will be compiled in to your final design package, including EPS (vector), PNG and JPG. You will also be supplied with various colour options, including primary colour, mono/black and reversed/white, meaning you have access to your logo for any application in the future.